Body Composition Assessment

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The InBody is the gold standard body composition analysis testing service and currently the most comprehensive on the market. It is a non-invasive assessment, which means that there is no blood involved at all, providing an in-depth analysis of muscle mass, body fat, water levels and skeletal muscle mass in minutes. It also provides detailed information of Segmental Lean Mass, (Trunk, Arms, Legs), Segmental Fat Mass (Trunk, Arms, Legs), Percentage of Body Fat, (Trunk, Arms, Legs), Nutritional Evaluation (Protein, Mineral, Fat), Obesity Diagnosis (BMI, PBF, WHR), Visceral fat levels, Fitness Score and Basal metabolic Rate (BMR).

In a nutshell it gives you an excellent idea of exactly what kind of shape you are currently in and where you need to focus your attention to improve your overall health and well being.

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