How to Eat Plant Based and Get Everything You Need - Online Class

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If you are thinking about following a wholefood plant based diet or have already started and would like to know exactly how to get all the macro and micro-nutrients you need, then join me LIVE as we learn all about it in this online class

How to Eat Plant Based and Get Everything You Need.

Virtual class content:

  • What is wholefood plant based eating.
  • Where do you get your protein?
  • What about calcium?
  • Essential supplements.
  • Tips and tools to help make the change easier.
  • Quick and easy meal ideas.
  • Online resources to learn more.


  • 60 Minute live online class with Debra Langley.
  • Online question and answer session.
  • Introductory workbook to help you get started.

Venue: Online

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