How to Lose 2 - 5 kg in 28 Days on a Plant Based Diet - Online Class.

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Most people know that grilled fish and vegetables is a lot better for your health and your waistline than a cheeseburger and fries, why don’t we put into practice what we know is good for us? Many of my patients are well informed about the potential health risks of certain foods and know what foods they need to eat to help them lose weight. For some people this is enough and they have the knowledge they need to make the right changes, but for others this does not ensure that they will make healthier choices and their journey is a constant roller-coaster ride of weight loss highs and lows.

The same pattern emerges year after year; they attempt the latest diet craze and stick to it with fervor for a few weeks, lose a few kilos and then after a few days they are hungry and feel so deprived that they start eating everything they have tried avoiding. The result is usually not only a return to their former weight, but a weight that climbs higher every time this happens.

The increasing weight gain leaves them feeling demotivated and affects self-esteem, which results in even more compulsive eating.

Join me LIVE as we learn how to lose weight and never DIET again.

How to Lose 2 - 5 kg in 28 Days on a Plant Based

Virtual class content:

  • Understanding Caloric Density
  • Empty Calories
  • The Role of Fibre In Controlling Appetite
  • The Healthy Plate
  • What foods can you eat?
  • Things to avoid?
  • Controlling emotional eating


  • 60 Minute live online class with Debra Langley
  • Online question and answer session

Venue: Online

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