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Ideas Like Shoes Take You Places

In Ideas Like Shoes Take You Places, Debra Langley explores the field of innovation and creative thinking and reinforces the idea that anyone can be creative. Ideas are not limited to a few highly gifted individuals as we may have previously thought. It pinpoints a few basic tools that if implemented and practised daily will help you lay a solid creativity foundation and teaches you how to change your conventional way of thinking. Start thinking outside of the box, you can be creative.

“Step outside the daily nuts and bolts of life, and examine your own amazing potential for creative thinking.”


Most of us go through life doubting our own talents and abilities. We look towards other people that have succeeded and we try to copy their ideas and do what they are doing. We are not original or unique and keep our best talents and most original ideas trapped inside. We fear what other people may think and so we continue to produce work that is an inferior copy of someone else’s.

Your best work is your work; it is original and is uniquely yours. It comes from inside you and does not resemble the work of someone else at all. Nowhere is this more important than in the field of creativity where we must make hundreds of connections in the brain, become smarter, think faster and be more astute as we find the lucrative A-Ha moments in daily life.

With practical examples, this book shows you just how easy it is to come up with big ideas. Debra shares simple, effective and time tested actions that we can all implement daily. After all it’s the ideamen that get ahead in life! Are you ready to join ranks with the world’s leading innovators?

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