I started out my professional career as a pharmacist and have a BPharm degree from the University of Pretoria as well as NHN NHC (Diploma Natural Health and Nutrition).  Have since explored many exciting career options, my latest as the Operations and Training Manager for Supreme Fertility. This opened up an exciting new chapter as I explored epigenetics, pharmacogenomics and fertility. In this space I learnt a lot more about how our genetic wiring is responsible for many modern day problems. Sounds like Greek? Book a talk and learn more about this exciting topic. 
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I am the face behind the popular Instagram feed called Plantbased2Go which has 10 000 followers. I don't believe you can become happier, more productive or creative in your home or work space if you are not healthy. It all starts with the right food! Book a health and wellness coaching session to get you off on the right track.