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Apr 4, 2018

Does Cohens help with Depression or Mood Swings?

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A friend of mine is thinking of doing the program and we were talking about it on Saturday.What we were wondering is this - since depression (or even just mood swings) are, in my very limited understanding, caused by either too little or too much seretonin, and since Cohens stimulates seretonin, does it help with depression, depression like symptons (like with PMS) or just plain old mood swings (whether they are hormonal or not)? I know that some PCOS sufferers can also get depression like symptoms.I would be interested in hearing of other people's thoughts and experiences of what they have found while on the program - especially those who may have been diagnosed with depression or with PCOS.


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It's not necessary everyone who suffers from depression can get cured with the same treatment techniques. Although each patient gives different responses to the treatments. However, not only youngsters but elders do suffer from depression after a certain age period. For the elder, cares whose kids are not living with them can still get the treatment from the hospitals, if they have already planned for health care, from the Medicaid lawyer NJ.