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Apr 4, 2018

Lifestyle/Career change Advice


Edited: Apr 4, 2018



I know, I'm sure most veterans in the workforce or people 30+ are laughing right now as this is most peoples goals after years in an office job and I've barely started. But, I really want to find that dream lifestyle I've always been wishing for. I know there's the backlash of feeling unchallenged, but, I've always been that eccentric type that enjoys going at my own pace and doing things alone in my free time. I don't think I'll feel bored, especially if its in a countryside area I could hike or go exploring in my free time. I used to think money and a successful career outweighed my personal happiness with the job. I chose this technical job because I found some joy out of it and it promised a successful career and good money. I realize now, I never had much desire for either, I don't have a desire for a luxury lifestyle. Even now in a good job, there really isn't much I want that I can buy with my spending money. I've always loved the way the countryside in japan looks, I preferably want a green area and even the sub-urban areas there look beautiful to me. I also really dislike driving and an area where its possible to walk most the time would be lovely. The grass is always greener on the other side, but I feel if I don't find my place in this lifestyle in a year or so, I'll definitely save up and consider traveling to different areas. If your still reading, I appreciate the time you've taken to hear my thoughts, and would greatly appreciate any advice or comments on my situation. For now, I think I'll focus on this career I've invested time into, but I definitely want to travel by myself when I can and truly see if there's some place better out there for me. Any recommendations as well on places to check into would be absolutely amazing. Areas in Japan is a preference, but anywhere else is definitely in consideration.Thank you again for reading my thread and helping me organize my thoughts.


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