InBody Scanner: Measure your health and fitness progress

I stumbled across the InBody Scanner in the gym a few months back and got chatting to the operator fascinated by the tool which can measure your health and fitness progress so effectively. It wasn't long thereafter and I found myself barefoot having my full body composition analysed. I have been following a wholefood plant based lifestyle for quite a few years and exercise regularly and was quite intrigued to find out exactly where I stood. Measuring your health and fitness progress has always proved to be a challenging concept and we simply carry on doing the same things day by day unsure if they are making a difference to our health or are simply leading us down a dangerous path and making us sicker.

I believe in the power of a wholefood plant based diet when it comes to preventing and reversing chronic disease and here I had finally found a tool that could help monitor and measure the effectiveness of the plant based diet and lifestyle program I recommend. So what exactly does the InBody scale measure?

The InBody is the gold standard body composition analysis testing service and currently the most comprehensive on the market. It is a non-invasive assessment, which means that there is no blood involved at all, providing an in-depth analysis of muscle mass, body fat, water levels and skeletal muscle mass in minutes. It also provides detailed information of Segmental Lean Mass, (Trunk, Arms, Legs), Segmental Fat Mass (Trunk, Arms, Legs), Percentage of Body Fat, (Trunk, Arms, Legs), Nutritional Evaluation (Protein, Mineral, Fat), Obesity Diagnosis (BMI, PBF, WHR), Visceral fat levels, Fitness Score and Basal metabolic Rate (BMR). In a nutshell it gives you an excellent idea of exactly what kind of shape you are currently in and where you need to focus your attention to improve your overall health and well being.

The InBody scanner now plays a vital role in my wholefood plant based lifestyle and nutrition program. It makes a difference as people can now actually see and track their results as they strive to prevent and reverse a wide variety of different diseases and ailments. All takes is a few minutes of your time to find out exactly what kind of shape you are in and how you can improve it. It doesn't break the bank either. A complete scan costs R150.00 which is less than a meal for two at your local restaurant, less than your monthly gym membership, and a lot less than the average monthly chronic medication bill.

So exactly what did my InBody scan reveal? Despite being in fairly good condition overall I need to lose a few kilogram's of unwanted fat which is lying snugly nestled between the boobs and bum in the abdominal section and build a few kilo's of muscle in the same region. Yes, it unfortunately does mean that I need to hit the gym for quite a few more sessions. (Alas, I was rather hoping the scale would suggest grabbing an over sized bucket of popcorn, lying horizontal on the couch and watching the latest weekly episode of Prison Break.) I also need to drink more water, this has always been a problem area for me. I have never been a big drinker and even though I now force myself to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day my body still thinks I am sending it on an expedition across the Sahara where water is in limited supply.

I have set myself some new lifestyle and fitness goals for the next few weeks and will hopefully be able to share my progress. Follow @plantbased2go on Instagram as well to read more about it.

I have also learnt not to take any monetary bets on predictable readings as I have had some clients that are stick thin and look like they are carrying zero excess body fat only to have the InBody scale reveal otherwise. The state of your diet and lifestyle is quite often not exactly what it seems. We are at a much larger risk of developing chronic lifestyle diseases than we care to admit and like to think that life-changing conditions like these only happen to other people.

Whether you want to go the ‘full Monty’ and completely transition your health and lifestyle with a wholefood plant based diet, or are just interested in introducing a few healthier lifestyle options a full InBody Assessment is a good place to start.

Book your assessment now by calling 083 310 3747 or email

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