InBody Scanner: Measure your health and fitness progress

I stumbled across the InBody Scanner in the gym a few months back and got chatting to the operator fascinated by the tool which can measure your health and fitness progress so effectively. It wasn't long thereafter and I found myself barefoot having my full body composition analysed. I have been following a wholefood plant based lifestyle for quite a few years and exercise regularly and was quite intrigued to find out exactly where I stood. Measuring your health and fitness progress has always proved to be a challenging concept and we simply carry on doing the same things day by day unsure if they are making a difference to our health or are simply leading us down a dangerous path and making us sicker.

I believe in the power of a wholefood plant based diet when it comes to preventing and reversing chronic disease and here I had finally found a tool that could help monitor and measure the effectiveness of the plant based diet and lifestyle program I recommend. So what exactly does the InBody scale measure?

The InBody is the gold standard body composition analysis testing service and currently the most comprehensive on the market. It is a non-invasive assessment, which means that there is no blood involved at all, providing an in-depth analysis of muscle mass, body fat, water levels and skeletal muscle mass in minutes. It also provides detailed information of Segmental Lean Mass, (Trunk, A