How to Read More: The Simple System I’m Using to Read 30+ Books Per Year

Benjamin Carson is one of the most famous and respected doctors in the world famous for successfully separating the first set of conjoined Siamese twins. Today Carson is a role model for people of all ages and especially children. He takes time out of his busy schedule to spread the message that anything in life is possible.

What makes his story so remarkable is that he started in the inner-city streets of Detroit, Michigan where he was labelled as not only the dumbest kid in the class but the dumbest kid in the world. He was way behind the other 5th graders in Elementary School, and one of only a few African American students in a predominantly white school which made things even more challenging. Carson was continuously taunted by fellow students, ignored by teachers, and had an extremely violent temper, another obstacle that threatened to defeat him. At the age of 14, he attempted to stab a friend simply for changing the radio station.

His mother Sonja Carson decided to take matters into her own hands by switching off the TV set and limiting viewing to only two programs a week. She forced Benjamin and his brother to read two books a week and write book reports on them which she would mark confirming they had actually read the books. It was only much later that Carson realised his mom could not read, by then he actually enjoyed reading the books, saw the value in how they could take him anywhere, he could be anyone and do anything. His imagination began to run wild.

By the time he left high school he was earning all A’s and he had moved from being the dumbest kid in the class to being voted as the most likely to succeed. His imagination continued to grow and eventually inspired him to split conjoined twins at the head and become the head of paediatric neurosurgery at the prestigious John Hopkins Hospital.

Have you achieved the levels of success you have hoped for in your life? Have you fulfilled your potential? If not you should possibly take a step back and ask yourself the question, “Am I reading enough books?”

I have always been an avid reader until I realised a few months back that I was not reading as many books a month as I used to. When I asked myself why and started looking for reasons, I realised that my routines had changed. A few years back, picking up my daughters at various places throughout the day afforded me many hours of reading as I waited for them to finish various tasks. Today they have both grown up and drive themselves around.

If I was going to read as much as I would like to, it would mean changing my habits and developing a system that would help me read more than 30+ books a year.

Imagine how all that extra knowledge could change things in your daily life, even if you implemented only a small percentage of what you would learn. Or if it sparked interest and ideas in new fields previously unexplored.

Exactly how do I do this?

Let me explain...

How to Read More Books

Most of us are privileged enough to know how to read, the challenge is simply finding time in our hectic schedules and reminding ourselves how important it is to keep reading. When I refer to reading I mean picking up a book and physically turning the pages, we are bombarded by digital screens each day and spend hours scrolling through our emails, reading Google articles and other distracting bits of information that steal our attention. There are plenty of informative articles and excellent websites out there, however, nothing matches the quality of a good book.

When I looked at my reading habits they had been replaced with many non-essential bits of time wasters and I would have to proactively make a point of changing how I spent my time if I still wanted to carry on reading the same number of books that I was accustomed to. This meant piecing together a system that would keep distractions at bay and let me read more books.

How do I do this?


I usually read at least 20 pages of a book before I jump out of bed and start my day, and then another 20 pages before I go to sleep at night. Consistently doing this every day means that I now average between 4-6 books a month. This is pretty awesome.

The trick is simply practising the daily ritual of reading, even if it means you can only fit in fewer pages. Do it first thing in the morning before you wake-up get distracted and realise that you have many other more important tasks ahead of you.

It might not seem like many pages but if you keep at it, every bit adds up and before long you can tick off another book on your list.

This simple reading habit might not seem important but it will impact your life in many ways; investing in yourself is probably one of the biggest factors that play a role in your success. All it takes is a few pages a day.

Find a book that will add value and make you better in some way. Find a book that teaches you something new. Find a book that inspires you to keep going. Find a book that is totally unrelated to anything you ever done before as it may just spark your creativity. Find a book that will impact your health and wellness. Find a book that sparks your interest.

Find a book you enjoy. Life is too short to waste it on a bad book.

20+ pages a day is all it takes.

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