The Wellness Planner

This Wellness Planner was created using the exact same planning style and nutrition philosophy that Debra uses herself. A collection of tools assembled over the years to help you reach your health and wellness goals and track progress.

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  • Learn how to plan your meals, track your eating , monitor your habits and review your progress.

  • Keep yourself motivated through daily affirmations, gratitude tracking, successes and achievements.

  • Stay on track schedule your daily tasks, intentions, appointments and information overload all on one page and learn how to stay focused on your health and wellness journey.

Planner Benefits

Research has shown that most diet and lifestyle changes fail after about a week or there is no weight loss or health improvements at all.  Follow my instructions to plan your healthy and nutritious plant based meals and make things happen!

Ryder Carroll

You can't manage what you can't measure.


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Planner Features

It’s easier than you think!

Follow my instructions to plan, monitor and track your

health and wellness progress.

  • Meal Prep Planners Batch prep vegetables and recipes in advance to make your meal preparation easier throughout the week.

  • Food Diaries Record everything you eat and drink to accurately track your progress and identify problem areas.

  • Use the daily planners to record, your daily tasks, intentions, appointments, highlights, low lights, habits, moods and show gratitude.

  • Go To Meals Build a library of Quick and easy go to meals that you can refer back to regularly when lack of inspiration or willpower strikes. 

  • Schedule Your Health Checks                              Early diagnosis is the first step in preventing and reversing disease, track and schedule your appointments.

  • Hidden Food Dangers                                               Discover hidden dangers lurking in your foods.

Formats Available

If you’re looking to switch to a healthier diet and lifestyle, but don’t know exactly how to do it, this is for YOU! A basic health and wellness planner and tracker all-in-one. Do-it-yourself be your own life and wellness coach.

The Wellness Planner eBook

1 Ebook The Wellness Planner

Digital Download

207 Pages

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28 Days WhatsApp and email support

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Hard Copy A5 - Wire Bound

1 A5 Wellness Planner

Wire bound

207 Pages

2 Hours Personal coaching

28 Days WhatsApp & email support

Delivery Charge R100 excluded

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Hard Copy A4 - Wire Bound

1 A4 Wellness Planner

Wire bound

207 Pages

2 Hours Personal coaching

28 Days WhatsApp & email support

Delivery Charge R100 excluded

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